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What is it?

An invisible layer that protects your stone countertops from everyday use

StoneGuard® is an ultra durable polyethylene film designed with our ShieldX scratch and chemical resistant coating to help protect your precious stone countertops from scratches, etchings, and dings. StoneGuard® is also the first and only patented clear protective film designed specifically for stone countertops. Acidic compounds from food (such as lime, coffee, wine, orange, vinegar, and tomato), and commonly used household cleaners can easily stain and etch into your kitchen stone countertop.

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Why get it?

Future proof your worktop

Manufacturers for marble and other natural stones for your kitchen countertops universally recommend the use of a high grade stone sealer once every 12 months to protect from the elements of daily use. However, these sealers offer very little in both stain and etch resistance. Once StoneGuard® is installed, your countertop will be protected from chemical etching, staining, scratches, and dings. And the best part? You will no longer need to use sealers once StoneGuard® is installed.

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Perfect protection

Benefits of getting Stoneguard

Gloss enhancement

StoneGuard® has a nano composition that provides any stone surface a natural enhanced gloss by a minimum of 300%. Strengthening the stone countertops in your home or commercial business has its benefits. With no further need to seal your stones, the ease of maintenance comes at no ongoing cost to the consumer except for the initial product purchase and installation

Heat resistant

On the surface of StoneGuard® is our ShieldX™ Nano construction that has high heat and chemical tolerance to protect the underlying stone. StoneGuard® is designed and tested to resist heat up to 350°(F)

How it works

StoneGuard Construction Diagram

ShieldX™ Nano-Coating
Ultra Durable PET Urethane
Release Liner

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