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What is it?

Better than when it left the showroom.

The New Car Prep is a service that allows brand new cars that have never been properly detailed before to have factory imperfections removed.  A New Car Prep allows us the opportunity to extensively look over and examine the entire vehicle for defects and imperfections. From there, the customer will be given an explanation of how to correct these imperfections as well as the best course of action for each individual car.

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Perfect protection

Why a new car prep?

Most people believe that a brand new car should be perfect and won't need any work. However, in most situations this is not the case. Take into consideration that each car goes through a build process in which workers touch the panels, test drive the cars, being transported to dealerships, washed improperly, "Dealer Prep details", stored outside unprotected in lots. The list of possibilities is endless.

Step one


After each wheel is throughly cleaned and decontaminated, the body of the car is sprayed with a thick layer of foam to help loosen any built up dirt on the paint. This step is crucial as it loosens most dirt and prevents major wash marring.

Step two


A Decon is a super essential step in order to make your paint feel really smooth again. You may have noticed a feeling of little microscopic bumps as you pass your hand over the surface of the paint. Over time, brand new cars and daily driven cars are subject to having iron embedded in the paint. They look like tiny little orange dots in the paint. We make sure to remove all iron from the paint and proceed with claying the entire car to remove any leftover impurities left on the surface. As the iron is being removed, it turns purple via a chemical reaction.

Step three


After the exterior of the car has been washed and prepped, it is dried off via a portable air unit as an extra measure to make sure that the paint is touched as least as possible. From this point forward, the vehicle is treated to an extensive single stage of machine polishing to permanently remove defects and imperfections and restore the luster your car should have came with

Step four


Once the vehicle has been thoroughly polished, there are several different forms of protection offered to protect your pride and joy for the future.

  • Silica Paint Sealant
  • XPEL Paint Protection Film
  • Modesta Glass coatings

What's included in the packages?

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  • Foam Bath Pre-Soak
  • Deep Clean Wheels
  • Gentle Hand Wash
  • Paint Clay Bar Decontamination
  • Chemical Iron Decontamination
  • Detail Door Jambs
  • Polish Exhaust Tips
  • Pneumatic Air Dry
  • Exterior & Interior Glass
  • Trim Masking
  • Paint Inspection
  • Single Stage Polish Enhancement
  • Interior Air Purge & Blowout
  • Complete Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Leather Conditioning
  • Anti-Static Cockpit wipe down

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