May 23, 2023

Porsche Cayman GT4 New Car Prep, XPEL Ultimate and Modesta

One of our customers just acquired his brand new GT4 and was looking to have it well protected for the many years he plans on driving it. Since the car had just over a 100 miles on the clock we knew that a new car prep, paint protection film and a coating was the best route of action to preserving this new finish for many years to come. We wrapped a good portion of this vehicle in our custom XPEL Ultimate clear bra and topped off the whole vehicle with Modesta BC-04 Nano titanium glass coating. We hope you enjoy this write up as much as we did.

Some caked on brake dust at time of arrival

Some residual adhesive left over from the transport wrap when delivered to the dealer

Some factory installed sanding marks that needed to be addressed and polished out

Throughout the vehicle there were a few isolated scratches and marring that we had to polish out before applying XPEL and Modesta

Marring on the top of the GT4 wing

More marring on the rear tail lights

All taped up to protect any trim and plastic while polishing and to prevent any polish dust from entering in the vented areas.

After all of the polishing was completed, we washed the vehicle down one last time and started the dismantling for the XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection film install with tucked edges wherever possible for a much more seamless installation, We removed Headlights, side markers, tow hook cover and the gas cap lid.

This vehicle has PPF applied to

  • Full Bumper and headlights
  • Front Fenders with tucked edges into door jambs, headlight sills and side marker area
  • Full hood with tucked edges and no relief cuts around Porsche badge
  • Side Skirts and GT4 inlet scoop with tucked edges into door sill
  • Mirrors

XPEL being applied

Paint protection film properly applied

Entire hood wrapped and tucked edges wherever possible. We also removed the Porsche hood badge to allow for a much more invisible install.

While the XPEL was drying, we took all 4 wheels off for a proper cleaning on the faces and barrels in preparation for coating. We also coated the calipers and cleaned up the fenders wells

Barrels of the wheels thoroughly cleaned and coated

Once the wheels were finished, we prepped the rest of the car and applied Modesta BC-04 Nano titanium glass coating to the entire exterior.

All buttoned up and time for pictures

Tucked edges into the door well for the most invisible installation and easier maintenance

This car was a complete blast to work on and we enjoyed every minute of it. We hope you enjoyed the process of protecting this brand new GT4 as much as we did.