May 23, 2023

Active Autowerke BMW M2 New Car Prep and XPEL Ultimate

We are very proud to announce that we were given the opportunity to work on the very first BMW M2 here in Miami. The car was just recently acquired by our friends over at Active Autowerke. Knowing that this car was going to see some track duty very soon as well as being a development car for new parts, we felt it was right to be on board to have this car looking in tip top shape. We started off with doing our popular new car prep service followed by XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film on all of the major high impact areas of the vehicle. Enjoy!

We started off by throughly cleaning all of the wheels and wheel arches. At just 800 miles, the notorious BMW brake dust was there. Using our Nanolex wheel cleaner, we were effectively able to clean the entire wheel including barrels and calipers.

After cleaning all of the wheels and doing a through was of the entire exterior, we removed any embedded iron from the paint and glass of the vehicle followed by claying the entire exterior to remove any leftover contamination.

After drying off the entire vehicle, we quickly wiped down all the jambs and started the minor disassembly in order to begin polishing followed by XPEL Ultimate paint protection film installation.

Kidney Grills were removed to allow for a much more seamless XPEL install

Side markers were removed carefully to allow for a cleaner Clear Bra install on the fenders instead of using the standard Pre cut kit

Factory rear quarter paint protection film was removed. At just a few weeks old, we could tell the film was starting to just discolor and knew it should be replaced with XPEL

Safely removed

Some of the minor defects that were on this 800 mile vehicle. All of the gloss black shadow line trim surrounding the windows of the vehicle were in similar condition.

After polishing, it was time for the XPEL Ultimate PPF install. We sorted and labeled all of the pieces for this install: Front bumper, Fenders, Hood, Mirrors, Headlights, Doors, Rockers, Trunk Opening and Custom Rear Quarter pieces

Full front film waiting to be applied

This is the reason why paint protection film is so important for all brand new vehicles. At just 800 miles this M2 had several chips that we had to touch up and address before applying any film. If the film was applied earlier, these chips could have easily been prevented

Paint Protection film install on the hood

Fenders being wrapped in XPEL with tucked edges wherever possible. We even wrapped into the door jambs and custom modified the pre cut kit to allow for a tailored install around the side marker opening.

Properly applied film around the side marker opening for a much more seamless install

Front bumper film being applied and the kidney grill area is being custom trimmed  

Door handles safely and properly removed to allow for a much more seamless install. Instead of using the standard pre cut kit for the door which allows for a seam inside the door cup handle, we wanted to make it look as invisible as possible.

After a bit of work, this is what the finished product looks like. Can barely tell that the film is there. Time to put the door handles back on.

After all the film was applied, we cleaned up the entire vehicle and put it outside for some final pictures.

Very clean install that looks invisible.

The extra work really pays off. We go the extra mile to make sure that all of our film looks as invisible as possible so our customers can barely tell that it is there

Seamless film install

We hope you enjoyed this write up as much as we do. It was a blast working on this car and we look forward to what our friends at Active Autowerke have planned for it