Introductory Detail

The Introductory Detail is a service that allows many cars that have never been properly detailed before to be acclimated to the type of services we offer. An Introductory Detail allows us the opportunity to extensively look over and examine the entire vehicle for defects and imperfections. From there, the customer will be given an explanation of how to correct these imperfections as well as the best course of action for each individual car. 



  • Thorough Wash
  • Full wheel cleaning, tar/ brake dust removal
  • Decontamination (Iron-x treatment, Nano-skin/ clay)
  • Dried using Metro-vac blower
  • Wax or sealant applied
  • Tires Dressed
  • Exhaust tips polished and protected 
  • Door Jambs cleaned
  • Glass cleaned and protected 


  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Door panels/ trim cleaned and protected
  • Leather conditioned


Here is a walk through of an Introductory Detail:



At the beginning of each detail, we make sure to wash the car properly and thoroughly. So we first start off with the wheels.  


Each wheel is thoroughly cleaned one at a time. The first step of this part of the process is to spray down each wheel with a dedicated wheel cleaner. These wheel cleaners are used in order to loosen and remove and built up brake dust as well as remove embedded iron from the face and barrels of the wheels. All of the wheel cleaners that we use are safe for all types of finishes. In some cases, wheels may have to be removed and cleaned several times in order to eliminate heavy imperfections. Here is a step by step picture showing the process: 



After each wheel is throughly cleaned and decontaminated, the body of the car is sprayed with a thick layer of foam to help loosen any built up dirt on the paint. This step is crucial as it loosens most dirt and prevents major wash marring. 


After the foam has been saturated on the paint for several minutes, the car is rinsed down. From there, each car is carefully washed from top to bottom using the conventional 2 Bucket wash method with grit guards. 


Decon/ Clay

A Decon is a super essential step in order to make your paint feel really smooth again. You may have noticed a feeling of little microscopic bumps as you pass your hand over the surface of the paint. Over time, brand new cars and daily driven cars are subject to having iron embedded in the paint. They look like tiny little orange dots in the paint. We make sure to remove all iron from the paint and proceed with claying the entire car to remove any leftover impurities left on the surface. As the iron is being removed, it turns purple via a chemical reaction.  




After the exterior of the car has been washed and prepped, it is dried off via a portable air unit as an extra measure to make sure that the paint is touched as least as possible. From this point forward, there are several  options as far as protecting the exterior of your vehicle. Wax or Sealant is typically applied depending on type of paint and how the car will be maintained/ stored to allow for optimum protection.