Tesla Model X Full Body XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film

The new Tesla Model X has quickly become one of our favorite vehicles to work on and are growing in popularity here in Miami. This was our second 2016 Model X that we had stop by for some XPEL. The customer plans on keeping this vehicle for many years and wanted the best protection possible. After a bit of discussing several options, we agreed that a full body XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film install was the best route of action for preserving the new condition. After doing a quick walk around inspection, we quickly got to work washing and prepping the paint for some very minor polish work followed by the XPEL Clear Bra. 

After polishing, we rinsed off the vehicle one last time and started preparing the surface for film. 

Plotting and Weeding all the different pre cut kit pieces for the Model X. Properly labeled and sorted all the pieces 

Bulked hood install to allow for custom tucked corners to give the most seamless appearance 

The Falcon doors being wrapped in XPEL with tucked edges all around for the most seamless install 

In the middle of clear bra application 

Once all the film was properly fitted and the edges tucked, we trimmed any excess film to for a nice uniform appearance. 

Custom tucked edges on the front fender and bumper gap. All of the bumpers and panels remained intact for this job. The extra effort was worth it 

Once all the film was installed, we cleaned up the Model X and took some final pictures before customer pick up. 

We hoped you enjoyed this write up as much as we did. It was a blast working on this Model X 

Porsche Cayman GT4 New Car Prep, XPEL Ultimate and Modesta

One of our customers just acquired his brand new GT4 and was looking to have it well protected for the many years he plans on driving it. Since the car had just over a 100 miles on the clock we knew that a new car prep, paint protection film and a coating was the best route of action to preserving this new finish for many years to come. We wrapped a good portion of this vehicle in our custom XPEL Ultimate clear bra and topped off the whole vehicle with Modesta BC-04 Nano titanium glass coating. We hope you enjoy this write up as much as we did. 

Some caked on brake dust at time of arrival 

Some residual adhesive left over from the transport wrap when delivered to the dealer 

Some factory installed sanding marks that needed to be addressed and polished out 

Throughout the vehicle there were a few isolated scratches and marring that we had to polish out before applying XPEL and Modesta 

Marring on the top of the GT4 wing 

More marring on the rear tail lights 

All taped up to protect any trim and plastic while polishing and to prevent any polish dust from entering in the vented areas. 

After all of the polishing was completed, we washed the vehicle down one last time and started the dismantling for the XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection film install with tucked edges wherever possible for a much more seamless installation, We removed Headlights, side markers, tow hook cover and the gas cap lid. 


This vehicle has PPF applied to 

  • Full Bumper and headlights
  • Front Fenders with tucked edges into door jambs, headlight sills and side marker area 
  • Full hood with tucked edges and no relief cuts around Porsche badge 
  • Side Skirts and GT4 inlet scoop with tucked edges into door sill 
  • Mirrors 

XPEL being applied 

Paint protection film properly applied 

Entire hood wrapped and tucked edges wherever possible. We also removed the Porsche hood badge to allow for a much more invisible install. 

While the XPEL was drying, we took all 4 wheels off for a proper cleaning on the faces and barrels in preparation for coating. We also coated the calipers and cleaned up the fenders wells

Barrels of the wheels thoroughly cleaned and coated 

Once the wheels were finished, we prepped the rest of the car and applied Modesta BC-04 Nano titanium glass coating to the entire exterior. 

All buttoned up and time for pictures 

Tucked edges into the door well for the most invisible installation and easier maintenance 

This car was a complete blast to work on and we enjoyed every minute of it. We hope you enjoyed the process of protecting this brand new GT4 as much as we did. 

Active Autowerke BMW M2 New Car Prep and XPEL Ultimate

We are very proud to announce that we were given the opportunity to work on the very first BMW M2 here in Miami. The car was just recently acquired by our friends over at Active Autowerke. Knowing that this car was going to see some track duty very soon as well as being a development car for new parts, we felt it was right to be on board to have this car looking in tip top shape. We started off with doing our popular new car prep service followed by XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film on all of the major high impact areas of the vehicle. Enjoy! 

We started off by throughly cleaning all of the wheels and wheel arches. At just 800 miles, the notorious BMW brake dust was there. Using our Nanolex wheel cleaner, we were effectively able to clean the entire wheel including barrels and calipers. 

After cleaning all of the wheels and doing a through was of the entire exterior, we removed any embedded iron from the paint and glass of the vehicle followed by claying the entire exterior to remove any leftover contamination. 

After drying off the entire vehicle, we quickly wiped down all the jambs and started the minor disassembly in order to begin polishing followed by XPEL Ultimate paint protection film installation. 

Kidney Grills were removed to allow for a much more seamless XPEL install 

Side markers were removed carefully to allow for a cleaner Clear Bra install on the fenders instead of using the standard Pre cut kit

Factory rear quarter paint protection film was removed. At just a few weeks old, we could tell the film was starting to just discolor and knew it should be replaced with XPEL

Safely removed 

Some of the minor defects that were on this 800 mile vehicle. All of the gloss black shadow line trim surrounding the windows of the vehicle were in similar condition. 

After polishing, it was time for the XPEL Ultimate PPF install. We sorted and labeled all of the pieces for this install: Front bumper, Fenders, Hood, Mirrors, Headlights, Doors, Rockers, Trunk Opening and Custom Rear Quarter pieces

Full front film waiting to be applied

This is the reason why paint protection film is so important for all brand new vehicles. At just 800 miles this M2 had several chips that we had to touch up and address before applying any film. If the film was applied earlier, these chips could have easily been prevented

Paint Protection film install on the hood 

Fenders being wrapped in XPEL with tucked edges wherever possible. We even wrapped into the door jambs and custom modified the pre cut kit to allow for a tailored install around the side marker opening. 

Properly applied film around the side marker opening for a much more seamless install 

Front bumper film being applied and the kidney grill area is being custom trimmed  

Door handles safely and properly removed to allow for a much more seamless install. Instead of using the standard pre cut kit for the door which allows for a seam inside the door cup handle, we wanted to make it look as invisible as possible. 

After a bit of work, this is what the finished product looks like. Can barely tell that the film is there. Time to put the door handles back on. 

After all the film was applied, we cleaned up the entire vehicle and put it outside for some final pictures. 

Very clean install that looks invisible. 

The extra work really pays off. We go the extra mile to make sure that all of our film looks as invisible as possible so our customers can barely tell that it is there 

Seamless film install 

We hope you enjoyed this write up as much as we do. It was a blast working on this car and we look forward to what our friends at Active Autowerke have planned for it 

2016 BMW M4 Ultimate New car Prep: Modesta + XPEL Ultimate

Over the course of a few months and many text messages and calls in between, one of our customers decided to have his brand new 2016 BMW F82 M4 brought to us for some proper detailing. It was decided that a new car prep was the best route to remove any defects and blemishes from its route to South Florida. To properly protect the paint, XPEL ultimate paint protection film was installed to protect the entire roof and front end from road debris and rock chips. To make maintenance incredibly easy and take the gloss over the top, we coated all of the painted surfaces and wheels with Modesta Glass coatings. We hope you enjoy this write up as much as we did!


To start off, this was the current condition of the vehicle right after delivery. With just a little over 100 miles, we got to work. The first step of the process was installing Alpine White color matched reflectors from IND in the front bumper. The fit and finish was perfect 

Before installing painted reflectors


After installing painted reflectors

Time for its first bath 

The horrible and dreaded BMW brake dust

Iron and brake dust being removed from the wheels

A gentle pH neutral foam pre rinse to remove and dirt and grime that was on the paint and glass 

After a thorough wash, the M4 was treated with an iron remover. During its trip from Germany to the dealer and finally the owner's possession, the vehicle is subject to rail dust and a variety of other contaminants. A gentle Iron Remover is sprayed and let to dwell on the surface to remove any bonded impurities followed by a thorough claying of the entire exterior surface. 

Once the car was washed and prepped, it was dried off and taped for polishing. Here are some of the minor defects found on this specific vehicle before any paint correction was performed. Light swirling and haze from the factory/ dealer as well as the tint shop that had the vehicle right before us. Using a polish and our Rupes DA machines we easily removed the defects. 

Once all the polishing was done, XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) was applied to the Full front for the ultimate protection from rock chips and road debris. This package included bumper, front fenders, full hood, headlights and mirrors. 

XPEL paint protection paint applied to the carbon fiber roof of the BMW M4 to help prevent scratches and chips to avoid a very costly repair. 

After all the paint protection film was applied to the vehicle, Modesta primer was applied to the paint followed by BC-04 nano titanium glass coating

Wheels were pulled for a through cleaning in preparation for coating to help battle the terrible bmw brake dust. The fender wells were cleaned and dressed while we had open access

Modesta BC-06 High temperature glass coating applied to the face and barrels of the M4 wheels 

Infrared curing the Modesta coating on the paint and wheels for maximum gloss and durability. 

The final product 

The "candy gloss"

Thank you for taking a look at one of our latest projects here at Hugh's Detailing. We were extremely excited for the outcome of this vehicle especially helping the customer throughout the waiting and delivery process of his brand BMW M4. If you have a brand new vehicle or are expecting delivery of one, feel free to give us a calling find out more about our New Car Prep packages 

Porsche 911 Turbo S Full correction + Modesta Glass coating

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S 


Here we have a 1200 miles Porsche Turbo S that was in for paint correction and coating services. From about 10 feet away the car looks amazing. However, when the jet black paint was in direct sunlight, we knew it needed severe polishing to have this car looking better than new. After a thorough 2 stage paint correction, the paint was protected with a Modesta Glass coating for the ultimate gloss and protection. I hope you enjoyed this transformation as much as we did 

Taped up after wash, decontamination and prep 

The condition of the paint before any paint polishing. Lots of terrible sanding marks took away from the jet black paint of this car 

50/50 shot after compounding 

Lots of sanding haze

Polishing every possible area of this car. RUPES TA50 making polishing around the emblems so much more precise 

Final wash to remove any compounding dust 

After Final polish 

Looking proper again 

One of the other projects we were working on: BMW Z8

Porsche Center-lock wheels being removed 

Wheels off cleaning

Final sun shots after paint correction and Modesta BC-09 glass coating 

Properly polished jet black paint

Perfect paint under direct sunlight 

BMW Z8 Full Paint Correction, XPEL Ultimate and Modesta Coating


One of the coolest cars to ever be produced by BMW and we were able to have the opportunity to work on this beautiful example. This limited production Z8 with only ~10,000 miles was in need of some proper care so we decided that a Full paint correction would be needed to help revive the severely scratched and marred paint. This car received every detail service possible that we offer and was a blast to work on. Enjoy!

Old and yellowed paint protection film being removed in preparation for a thorough wash and decontamination 

This clear bra was long overdue for removal. The yellowness of the film will drastically take away from the gloss and luster of the jet black paint 

A glimpse at some of the defects on the car 

Nice 50/50 paint correction shot 


After polishing 




Amazing gloss after final polishing 

Preparation for XPEL Ultimate paint protection film 

XPEL Clear Bra being applied to the front portion of the car 

The headlights of the Z8 were severely oxidized and cloudy on the inside of the lenses, so the customer opted to order a brand new set from BMW 

Right: old 

Left: new

Full wheels off cleaning of suspension, panels and brake calipers/ rotors 

Dirty wheels getting cleaned up for ceramic coating 

Modesta BC-05 Advanced Water Repellant Glass coating being applied to the paint 

Polishing all the piano black trim on the interior 

Full interior cleaning and protection 

Whole car being taped up for convertible top fabric coating 

Final shots 

The hardtop was polished and coated as well with Modesta BC-05 glass coating 

Thanks for looking! 

ADV.1 Lamborghini Aventador Paint correction + Modesta BC-04 Coating

We love it when our customers call us saying that they have acquired a new addition to their garage. This situation was no different. My good friend Jordan from ADV.1 wheels here in Miami was telling me about his new Lamborghini Aventador that he literally just purchased and was describing how he wanted to do something special to really bring back life to the poor condition of the paint and interior. The very next day we got to work restoring this incredible car and knew that Paint correction would be necessary and Modesta BC-04 Glass coating would be the perfect way to seal in all of our hard work and add some incredible candy gloss to the paint as well as making maintenance incredibly easier over the next few years. 

Before washing the car, we proceeded to remove lots of leftover glue residue and vinyl scraps from the previous Gold Vinyl wrap that was applied, tons of plasti-dip left in the jambs and various areas as well as a good amount of wax residue. 

The paint was showing very heavy signs of mis proper care over the years of its life under the ambient lighting 

Left over plasti-dip in the door jambs 

More plasti-dip residue


Left over gold vinyl wrap fragments 

Left over adhesive residue from the vinyl wrap 

Once all the adhesive and plasti-dip residue was removed, the car was brought outside to be washed, decontaminated and clayed. Lots of iron contamination was removed during this process 

Iron contamination removal 

The Aventador was dried, brought back inside and minor dismantling for taping and polishing 

Lots of heavy marring and swirls from years of improper washing and care 


Lots of orange peel texture that needs to be removed from a previous front bumper respray 

Nasty sanding marks under the nose of the front bumper 

Before Compounding

After Compounding

Some nasty factory installed DA sanding marks 

Nice little 50/50 shot of the DA sanding mark removal 

Removal of DA sanding marks on front bumper 

Up close shot after compounding. Drastic difference in gloss and clarity 

After compounding 

In progress shots after polishing 

After application of Modesta P-01A primer and waiting 3 hours, it was time for the installation of Modesta BC-04 nano titanium glass coating 

Infrared Curing 

While the exterior was Infrared curing, we tidied up the interior. Through leather cleaning and protection with Dr. Beasleys Leather cream was in order 

Engine bay was cleaned up 

All the glass was cleaned and protected 

Look at the candy gloss created by Modesta BC-04 

Final shots of the ADV.1 Lamborghini Aventador 

Thanks for looking! 


For more info regarding our services or inquiry for a Modesta glass coating installation, feel free to send us and email or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you! 


(786) 447-8885

FORD GT Correction + Modesta BC-09

This 2006 FORD GT with only 2500 miles was brought in for a Full Correction detail. We previously polished this car about 6 months ago and had Swissvax Crystal Rock applied. However, the owner was looking for something more 

So this car received the works:

To start off, the clear bra that was currently installed on the car was removed. 

The wheels of the car were thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated

Paint was given a foam pre-rinse in order to loosen any bonded dirt on the paint of the car in order to reduce any wash marring followed by a proper 2 bucket method wash. After being dried, the car was taped and prepped for polishing


Engine Cover vents removed

Inspection Shots

Heavy wash marring and swirls present throughout car especially under old clear bra 

Side Vent Removed and cleaned 

50/ 50 Correction shot after polishing 

Before correction

After Correction

Modesta BC-09 was chosen to help protect the paint and offer the candy gloss that the customer was looking for. 

GT then placed on Race Ramps

Full Wheels off detail. Wheels were coated with Cquartz and fender wells/ suspension cleaned and protected 

Exhaust Tips Polished 

Tubi Exhaust can polished to remove water spots and restore it back to its proper color 

Engine Bay cleaned and dialed in  

Full Interior cleaning and protection on all leather pieces 

Final Pictures 

Thanks for looking!