Modesta Glass coating

Modesta is an industry leading, unique paint coating based on a three-dimensional molecular frame that creates an extremely durable, clear and hard glass layer for automotive and wheels to produce a "candy-like" gloss. Modesta reduces imperfections in the paint from wash-induced damages, etchings, oxidation and watermarks. With proper care, its water repellant properties provide the vehicle with an incredible hydrophobic surface that is easier to maintain for up to 10 years. 

Paint Protection Film

Protect and preserve the paint of your vehicle against rock chips, road debris and minor scratches with our Professionally installed Paint Protection Film. We specialize in Prestige Clear Guard Nano and XPEL self healing films. 

Introductory Detail

Starting with a pre rinse foam bath, the paint of the vehicle will be safely washed using a soft microfiber wash mitt to safely remove and dirt or debris on the paint. Wheels will be cleaned with a pH neutral cleaner to safely remove bonded brake dust and contaminates. The paint will be chemically and mechanically decontaminated to remove any impurities lying on the surface of the vehicle topped off with a durable silica sealant for protection, slickness and incredible water beading.    

New Car Prep

You might be asking does a new car really need to be detailed? In many cases, brand new cars are delivered to customers with a variety of defects from the dealers and factories such as sanding marks, minor scuffs and even adhesive from the transportation wrapping. A brand new car will still need to be protected like an older car its just easier when it is in much nicer condition with less exposure to the elements. Our new car prep services allow the customer to protect and preserve that new car feel from mother nature and the streets before beginning its journey. 

Paint Correction

Is your car starting to develop swirls or lacking that original gloss and luster from when you first bought it? Then we have the solution for you. Paint correction is the process of safely polishing paint to remove swirls and other imperfections to leave an incredibly glossy and wet look. Feel free to get in contact with us to schedule your free evaluation to having your car looking "better than new" 


The interior of your vehicle is just as important as the exterior. The first step of the process is a thorough deep cleaning of all the interior surfaces, leather and carpet to remove any dirt or debris. Afterwards, the leather can be treated with a conditioner or coating to help retain the moisture and preserve the soft supple finish from deterioration.  

Engine Bay

Whether your car is a daily driven commuter or a frame off restored show car, proper cleaning of the engine bay will help prevent deterioration of plastic and various components as well as allow for proper monitoring for maintenance and fluid leaks. 

Matte Paint

Just like normal paint, matte finishes need to be cleaned and protected. We offer a variety of different protection options made specifically to help preserve the special matte finish whether its paint, vinyl or stealth clear bra.

Convertible Tops

Any fabric or cloth surface can be protected to help water from soaking into the surface. From carpets to convertible tops, we can do it all. 

Wheel Coatings

Tired of having to remove lots of brake dust from your wheels every time you wash your car? With our range of coatings, your wheels will be incredibly easier to maintain as well as staying cleaner for longer periods of time. 


Protect the interior of your vehicle from harmful UV rays and the extreme south florida heat.

GlareShield Screen Protector

GlareShield is an Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Glare screen protector designed specifically for the Tesla Model X and Model S tablet navigation screen.