Porsche 911 Turbo S Full correction + Modesta Glass coating

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S 


Here we have a 1200 miles Porsche Turbo S that was in for paint correction and coating services. From about 10 feet away the car looks amazing. However, when the jet black paint was in direct sunlight, we knew it needed severe polishing to have this car looking better than new. After a thorough 2 stage paint correction, the paint was protected with a Modesta Glass coating for the ultimate gloss and protection. I hope you enjoyed this transformation as much as we did 

Taped up after wash, decontamination and prep 

The condition of the paint before any paint polishing. Lots of terrible sanding marks took away from the jet black paint of this car 

50/50 shot after compounding 

Lots of sanding haze

Polishing every possible area of this car. RUPES TA50 making polishing around the emblems so much more precise 

Final wash to remove any compounding dust 

After Final polish 

Looking proper again 

One of the other projects we were working on: BMW Z8

Porsche Center-lock wheels being removed 

Wheels off cleaning

Final sun shots after paint correction and Modesta BC-09 glass coating 

Properly polished jet black paint

Perfect paint under direct sunlight