BMW Z8 Full Paint Correction, XPEL Ultimate and Modesta Coating


One of the coolest cars to ever be produced by BMW and we were able to have the opportunity to work on this beautiful example. This limited production Z8 with only ~10,000 miles was in need of some proper care so we decided that a Full paint correction would be needed to help revive the severely scratched and marred paint. This car received every detail service possible that we offer and was a blast to work on. Enjoy!

Old and yellowed paint protection film being removed in preparation for a thorough wash and decontamination 

This clear bra was long overdue for removal. The yellowness of the film will drastically take away from the gloss and luster of the jet black paint 

A glimpse at some of the defects on the car 

Nice 50/50 paint correction shot 


After polishing 




Amazing gloss after final polishing 

Preparation for XPEL Ultimate paint protection film 

XPEL Clear Bra being applied to the front portion of the car 

The headlights of the Z8 were severely oxidized and cloudy on the inside of the lenses, so the customer opted to order a brand new set from BMW 

Right: old 

Left: new

Full wheels off cleaning of suspension, panels and brake calipers/ rotors 

Dirty wheels getting cleaned up for ceramic coating 

Modesta BC-05 Advanced Water Repellant Glass coating being applied to the paint 

Polishing all the piano black trim on the interior 

Full interior cleaning and protection 

Whole car being taped up for convertible top fabric coating 

Final shots 

The hardtop was polished and coated as well with Modesta BC-05 glass coating 

Thanks for looking!