ADV.1 Lamborghini Aventador Paint correction + Modesta BC-04 Coating

We love it when our customers call us saying that they have acquired a new addition to their garage. This situation was no different. My good friend Jordan from ADV.1 wheels here in Miami was telling me about his new Lamborghini Aventador that he literally just purchased and was describing how he wanted to do something special to really bring back life to the poor condition of the paint and interior. The very next day we got to work restoring this incredible car and knew that Paint correction would be necessary and Modesta BC-04 Glass coating would be the perfect way to seal in all of our hard work and add some incredible candy gloss to the paint as well as making maintenance incredibly easier over the next few years. 

Before washing the car, we proceeded to remove lots of leftover glue residue and vinyl scraps from the previous Gold Vinyl wrap that was applied, tons of plasti-dip left in the jambs and various areas as well as a good amount of wax residue. 

The paint was showing very heavy signs of mis proper care over the years of its life under the ambient lighting 

Left over plasti-dip in the door jambs 

More plasti-dip residue


Left over gold vinyl wrap fragments 

Left over adhesive residue from the vinyl wrap 

Once all the adhesive and plasti-dip residue was removed, the car was brought outside to be washed, decontaminated and clayed. Lots of iron contamination was removed during this process 

Iron contamination removal 

The Aventador was dried, brought back inside and minor dismantling for taping and polishing 

Lots of heavy marring and swirls from years of improper washing and care 


Lots of orange peel texture that needs to be removed from a previous front bumper respray 

Nasty sanding marks under the nose of the front bumper 

Before Compounding

After Compounding

Some nasty factory installed DA sanding marks 

Nice little 50/50 shot of the DA sanding mark removal 

Removal of DA sanding marks on front bumper 

Up close shot after compounding. Drastic difference in gloss and clarity 

After compounding 

In progress shots after polishing 

After application of Modesta P-01A primer and waiting 3 hours, it was time for the installation of Modesta BC-04 nano titanium glass coating 

Infrared Curing 

While the exterior was Infrared curing, we tidied up the interior. Through leather cleaning and protection with Dr. Beasleys Leather cream was in order 

Engine bay was cleaned up 

All the glass was cleaned and protected 

Look at the candy gloss created by Modesta BC-04 

Final shots of the ADV.1 Lamborghini Aventador 

Thanks for looking! 


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