2016 BMW M4 Ultimate New car Prep: Modesta + XPEL Ultimate

Over the course of a few months and many text messages and calls in between, one of our customers decided to have his brand new 2016 BMW F82 M4 brought to us for some proper detailing. It was decided that a new car prep was the best route to remove any defects and blemishes from its route to South Florida. To properly protect the paint, XPEL ultimate paint protection film was installed to protect the entire roof and front end from road debris and rock chips. To make maintenance incredibly easy and take the gloss over the top, we coated all of the painted surfaces and wheels with Modesta Glass coatings. We hope you enjoy this write up as much as we did!


To start off, this was the current condition of the vehicle right after delivery. With just a little over 100 miles, we got to work. The first step of the process was installing Alpine White color matched reflectors from IND in the front bumper. The fit and finish was perfect 

Before installing painted reflectors


After installing painted reflectors

Time for its first bath 

The horrible and dreaded BMW brake dust

Iron and brake dust being removed from the wheels

A gentle pH neutral foam pre rinse to remove and dirt and grime that was on the paint and glass 

After a thorough wash, the M4 was treated with an iron remover. During its trip from Germany to the dealer and finally the owner's possession, the vehicle is subject to rail dust and a variety of other contaminants. A gentle Iron Remover is sprayed and let to dwell on the surface to remove any bonded impurities followed by a thorough claying of the entire exterior surface. 

Once the car was washed and prepped, it was dried off and taped for polishing. Here are some of the minor defects found on this specific vehicle before any paint correction was performed. Light swirling and haze from the factory/ dealer as well as the tint shop that had the vehicle right before us. Using a polish and our Rupes DA machines we easily removed the defects. 

Once all the polishing was done, XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) was applied to the Full front for the ultimate protection from rock chips and road debris. This package included bumper, front fenders, full hood, headlights and mirrors. 

XPEL paint protection paint applied to the carbon fiber roof of the BMW M4 to help prevent scratches and chips to avoid a very costly repair. 

After all the paint protection film was applied to the vehicle, Modesta primer was applied to the paint followed by BC-04 nano titanium glass coating

Wheels were pulled for a through cleaning in preparation for coating to help battle the terrible bmw brake dust. The fender wells were cleaned and dressed while we had open access

Modesta BC-06 High temperature glass coating applied to the face and barrels of the M4 wheels 

Infrared curing the Modesta coating on the paint and wheels for maximum gloss and durability. 

The final product 

The "candy gloss"

Thank you for taking a look at one of our latest projects here at Hugh's Detailing. We were extremely excited for the outcome of this vehicle especially helping the customer throughout the waiting and delivery process of his brand BMW M4. If you have a brand new vehicle or are expecting delivery of one, feel free to give us a calling find out more about our New Car Prep packages