FORD GT Correction + Modesta BC-09

This 2006 FORD GT with only 2500 miles was brought in for a Full Correction detail. We previously polished this car about 6 months ago and had Swissvax Crystal Rock applied. However, the owner was looking for something more 

So this car received the works:

To start off, the clear bra that was currently installed on the car was removed. 

The wheels of the car were thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated

Paint was given a foam pre-rinse in order to loosen any bonded dirt on the paint of the car in order to reduce any wash marring followed by a proper 2 bucket method wash. After being dried, the car was taped and prepped for polishing


Engine Cover vents removed

Inspection Shots

Heavy wash marring and swirls present throughout car especially under old clear bra 

Side Vent Removed and cleaned 

50/ 50 Correction shot after polishing 

Before correction

After Correction

Modesta BC-09 was chosen to help protect the paint and offer the candy gloss that the customer was looking for. 

GT then placed on Race Ramps

Full Wheels off detail. Wheels were coated with Cquartz and fender wells/ suspension cleaned and protected 

Exhaust Tips Polished 

Tubi Exhaust can polished to remove water spots and restore it back to its proper color 

Engine Bay cleaned and dialed in  

Full Interior cleaning and protection on all leather pieces 

Final Pictures 

Thanks for looking!